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What to expect for your study

We're always happy to answer questions about your study, but here are some things to expect and a few ways to prepare.
  • Pack a small bag that includes your pajamas, toiletries and any books, magazines or iPods that'll keep you company. You may want to bring a robe and slippers as your bedroom may not have its own restroom. Also, be sure to bring a list of all your medications.
  • Be sure to read the pre-study checklist and follow directions (for example, no alcohol or naps on the day of your study).
  • Plan to arrive in the evening around 8:30 pm.
  • Remember, showers, hair dryers, light snacks and beverages are available to you at all time.
  • After you get checked in and settled in your private room, your Sleep Technician will place a monitor on your finger, a couple belts around your chest and belly and a few leads on your head. These aren't constricting and allow you to move easily from side to side.
  • Then, your only job is to make yourself comfortable reading or watching television and then fall asleep.
  • If you wake during the night, your technician will be happy to assist you.
  • Come morning, you'll wake up, get unhooked and be ready to start your day. Feel free to take a shower and have a light breakfast with us if you'd like to head directly off to work.
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